Alta-1 taught me that I was worth something.


When people used to ask me what I wanted to do with my life after I left school my first thought would always be ‘I doubt I’ll live that long’. I now proudly say I truly want to become a teacher. I want to change lives like those who changed mine. I no longer feel like I am a waste of space, nor that I’m undeserving of the life I’ve been given. The staff at Alta-1 showed me what it was like to feel cared for because they truly believe that each and every student is worth caring about. Me, my life, in their eyes is worth fighting for.


Katie - Graduating student

The first few weeks at Alta-1 I met the crew that work for the youth ministry. More than that, I hung out with the school chaplain and after my first week of him talking through the decisions I was making in life and the potential that I had to be great, I made a life changing choice. To stop smoking weed. I’m now studying at Harvest West Bible College, working within the youth ministry and loving every moment.


Josh - Graduating Student

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