Is your teen struggling with any or some of the following:


  • Sudden change in character or behaviour?
  • Emotional outbursts that seem to come from nowhere?
  • Avoidance or withdrawal from social activities or friends?
  • School refusal or major anxiety at the thought of going to school?
  • Fear of leaving the house or being away from family?
  • Increased complaints of bodily pain such as headaches or stomach aches?
  • Drop in self-esteem?
  • Drop in academic performance?


These changes in a teen can often be indicators that they have been bullied. Bullying can take the form of verbal insults, put downs, being called names or being made fun of in front of other people. It can also involve physical assault, being hit, punched, kicked or use of a weapon or other implement. With the advent of social media and technological advances, bullying can now also take place online, also known as cyberbullying. Bullying can be once-off, or continual, and can involve just one person or many. Bullying can come from other teens and even those considered to be friends, family members, or adults such as sports coaches or teachers.


How can Alta-1 College help?

At Alta-1 College, we understand how bullying can affect the social, emotional and academic areas of a student’s life and we can provide a holistic support system for the young person struggling with bullying. Our qualified and experienced Teachers, Education assistants, Counsellors and Psychologists are able to provide academic and therapeutic support to students to enable them to reach the potential they would not otherwise achieve. We also offer online counselling for students who are unable to attend face-to-face sessions.


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