What is anxiety?

Is your teen struggling with some or most of the following:


  • Feeling irritable, tense or nervous a lot of the time?
  • Struggling to relax or unwind?
  • Difficulties with sleep and concentration?
  • Experiencing physical symptoms like shortness of breath, increased heart rate, nausea or stomach aches, shaking and sweating?
  • Avoiding places, objects or situations that cause anxiety?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and constantly stressed, or in a state of panic?


A small amount of anxiety can be helpful and beneficial for motivating us to complete a task or avoid a dangerous situation. Anxiety becomes a problem when we start to worry excessively about things and the worry begins to interfere with our everyday life. Young people with anxiety may also experience depression, and may seek out unhealthy coping strategies, such as drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Adolescents may also feel guilt or shame in admitting they have a problem, due to the stigma that still surrounds mental health issues, and may find it difficult to seek help for their problems.


How can Alta-1 College help?

At Alta-1 College, we understand how anxiety can affect the social, emotional and academic areas of a student’s life and we can provide a holistic support system for the young person struggling with anxiety. Our qualified and experienced Teachers, Education assistants, Counsellors and Psychologists are able to provide academic and therapeutic support to students to enable them to reach the potential they would not otherwise achieve. We also offer online counselling for students who are unable to attend face-to-face sessions.


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