Addictions come in many forms. The most common addictions for teens include substance (over the counter medicines and illegal drugs), alcohol, tobacco and online/gaming addictions.


If your teen is struggling with a substance addiction, they may be experiencing or displaying some of the following behaviour:

  • Irrational or paranoid thinking and speech
  • Increased angry outbursts or violent behaviour
  • Loss of control or decreased inhibitions, or increased risk-taking behaviour
  • Stealing or selling off belongings to fund the addiction
  • Engaging in criminal activity and resulting legal issues
  • Onset of mental health issues and/or psychosis
  • Existing mental health conditions are made worse
  • Relationships with family and friends deteriorate
  • Potential for overdose or poisoning leading to temporary or permanent disability or death


If your teen has an online or gaming addiction, you may notice the following:

  • They are isolated to home or bedroom
  • They can spend hours and sometimes days online, ignoring personal hygiene and regular mealtimes
  • They may not sleep for days or have irregular sleeping patterns
  • They have little interest in activities outside of the online world
  • All their friends are online, or they only talk to people online



How can Alta-1 College help?

At Alta-1 College, we understand how addiction can affect the social, emotional and academic areas of a student’s life and we can provide a holistic support system for the young person struggling with addictions. Our qualified and experienced Teachers, Education assistants, Counsellors and Psychologists are able to provide academic and therapeutic support to students to enable them to reach the potential they would not otherwise achieve. We also offer online counselling for students who are unable to attend face-to-face sessions.


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