Welcome to Alta-1 College

Alta-1 operates a school that provides an alternative education programme for young people between the ages of 12 and 19 years.  The programme enables young people who are not suited to mainstream schooling to complete secondary education.  Delivered within a supportive and individually focused context, the Alta-1 programme incorporates a mix of both school and TAFE equivalent components.

Principal's Welcome

At Alta-1 we provide a learning environment for students who have struggled to fit anywhere else. We work hard at helping our students build real and healthy relationships with their teachers, mentors and peers. Whilst we work hard to grow the academic skills within our students, we spend as much time exploring the development of emotional and spiritual tools and skills that we all need to navigate all that life throws at us.


I have worked in a number of different schools around the world and if there is only one thing that can be said about all of them – they are all different.


This may be due to so many factors, from the complexities of cultural and social demands to the simplicity of individual differences. Each student carries a unique set of experiences, knowledge and beliefs relating to themselves and their interaction with the world around them.  When some of these pieces in their internal puzzle refuse to fit together the way they think they should, a conflict begins and this can then boil over into different areas in life.


Each student’s path in life is as different as his or her experiences. As students are encouraged to face their issues in a safe and structured environment, slowly the pieces of their puzzles are realigned and they can make sense of their reality. Our goal is to be a part of that journey, for as long or as short as is necessary for the individual to move to the next phase, whether that is employment, apprenticeships, TAFE training or further studies.


So again – Welcome to Alta-1 College and our prayer is that our journey, as students, parents, teachers and mentors will be a positive step forward into the rest of each of our lives.


Dave Stevens

Alta-1 College Principal



School Structure

When enrolling in Alta-1, all students attend an introductory Transition course, which is designed to help students settle into a new environment; connect with staff and peers; develop a career pathway and the tools to start on that journey.


On successful completion of Transition, students commence within the mainstream program.  Personal and academic growth is encouraged for each student. All students complete the endorsed curriculum council subjects and work towards their secondary school graduation.

Chaplaincy Services

In our school the chaplain plays a vital role in delivering in-class programs as well as participating in out-of-class camps and activities. Students may voluntarily opt to receive more personalized help in the way of individual guidance or counsel, and parents can feed back through our annual telephone surveys. Complaints, if any, are recorded and acted upon according to school policy.



Connect-Ed – Online Programme

Alta-1 College focuses on working with students who have been marginalized by mainstream education. The majority are able to attend educational programs delivered in class groups at Alta-1 College sites. Some young people, however, for a variety of reasons, are house bound and need to access education in an alternative manner. The primary aim of the ConnectEd Program, therefore, is to provide such young people with a home-based educational program while at the same time offering teacher and pastoral support designed to facilitate their re-engagement.


How Connect-Ed Online Works

ConnectEd is a virtual classroom and all of our students have the privilege of completing their education in the comfort of their own homes. In addition to working with the ConnectEd teachers, who are based at the Alta-1 administration office in Wangara, each student is cared for by one of our ConnectEd chaplains. ConnectEd chaplains meet with students weekly, in the student's home,  and work with the students to engage in the process of change.


Resources Needed

Students will need to have access to


  • an up to date computer (no more than 4 years old)
  • high speed internet access
  • an adequate download usage
  • a working printer
  • an appropriate working space that is conducive to learning




For enrolments, click here to visit the enrolments page.

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