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Alta-1 College Great Southern started in 2011 with a senior school campus in Albany. Two years later a middle school campus began. Growth since has been steady according to local needs. In 2018, the Great Southern school has grown to over 130 students. Enrolments are spread across five programs that include Middle and Senior school campuses, ConnectEd, the Targeted Engagement Program (TEP) and Marine Vocational Education and Training (MVET).


Our programs are designed to support the at-risk young person to re-engage in education. Our approach is holistic and flexible with an intentional relationship focus. Our therapeutic recovery model helps a young person with their social, emotional and psychological issues within a positive Alta-1 community setting. In this mission, Alta-1 works closely with a range of local allied agencies, community groups and partnership churches to restore hope and purpose "changing lives one at a time". Our focus is not "what a young person can or can't do" but rather "who they are".


While most programs are based in Albany there are options to help young people that reach across the Great Southern. A Katanning campus in the "Heart of the Great Southern"  is starting early in 2020.



Principal Welcome








My name is Steve and I’ve lived in Albany most of my life. My 35 year career in education has been largely within the government sector with time as a teacher and senior administrator at several senior high schools. Since 2014 I have led Alta-1 here in Albany.


From 1988-2010 I was at NASHS with the last five years as Deputy Principal. These were fantastic years however late 2010 life took a dramatic and unexpected 180 degree turn. Following a diagnosis of advanced end-stage cardiomyopathy I found myself at the serious end of the medical system and needed urgent open heart surgery. A titanium LVAD heart pump was "plumbed" into my heart for life support. The hope was that this pump would keep me alive long enough to make it to a heart transplant. After a 2.5-year wild medical journey including a nasty stroke, my heart made a miracululous unexpected recovery. After a second open heart surgery to remove the heart pump and a period of recovery I returned to Albany late 2013 with a few scars but amzingly with my own heart pumping stronger than ever thank God! You may have seen the 1 page photo and story in the West Australian on Saturday the titled 28/4/2012 "Heart's Miraculous Recovery".


I wanted to get back to work and was fortunate to be offered a position with Alta-1 College leading the Great Southern School. Much has happened in the years since and taking this role with Alta-1 has gifted me a new personal purpose driven future. My 30+ staff are wonderful people. As a team they're passionate and committed to helping the recovery and restoration of at-risk young people in with a safe community.


Want to find out more? You will likely have seen our office at the top end of Lockyer Avenue. Please feel free to call in for a chat if you have a young person who may need our help. We make a good coffee:)


Steve Sharp

Principal - Great Southern

M. Ed


Main Office: Unit 1 / 57 Lockyer Avenue Albany WA 6330

Enquiries: 9403 8233 or 0487 231 161



Alta-1 Great Southern has five programmes designed to provide flexible recovery and re-engagement entry points for a young person into education.


Senior Campus

Senior School

The Senior School is based at Oceans Church on Lower King Road and has between 30 and 45 young people aged between 15 and 19. Students have opportunity to study towards a WA Certificate of Education with WA Curriculum Council approved courses at both Foundation and General level. 


Marine VET (Vocational Education and Training)

Marine VET is an exciting and innovative VET based engagement program for the young person who is at risk of giving up on school and needs a practical fresh start. Marine VET uses the spectacular environment of Albany as the back drop to the delivery of nationally recognized certificates in Business and Fishing Operations (2018 Cert II / 2019 Cert III). Marine VET is 5 days/full time. MVET is currently based at ALAC.


Middle Campus

The Middle School is located in a lovely country setting at the Church of Christ which is located at the corner of Mercer Road and Talyuberlup Way. Middle school students study a rich thematic curriculum with targeted literacy and numeracy strategies. The new centre is surrounded by peaceful bushland and has a indoor basketball court and commercial kitchen and a range of excellent facilities. 




In addition to the three full-time campus based programmes, Alta-1 Great Southern has two non-campus programs.



ConnectEd is supported across the Great Southern region from a base in Albany. Soon, with a campus in Katanning, we hope to help young people that suit the CEd model who live not only in Katanning but also in the surrounding hinterland.


Some young people, for a variety of reasons, are largely house bound and need to access education in an alternative manner. The aim of  ConnectEd is to provide these young people with a home-based on-line educational program while at the same time offering face-to-face teacher contact and local mentor/pastoral care and support. ConnectEd has the same holistic therapeutic approach of campus based programs.


The ConnectEd curriculum is an online virtual classroom. All students complete large parts of their education in their own home. In addition to working with our Albany based ConnectEd teacher, each student is cared for by one of our ConnectEd chaplains.   Chaplains meet weekly for a two hours with the student at their home. Those that develop the confidence can participate in local excursions. In addition, students are encouraged to connect with their CEd peers. There is opportunity to meet each week in a small group with other ConnectEd students. This class time is facilitated by the teacher and is as much about relationship connection as it is about curriculum support. Often students recovery to the point where they are able to transfer to a campus programme.


Targeted Engagement Program

The Targeted Engagement Program or TEP is designed for the young person who has experienced serious personal challenges and though being able, is not ready to attend a campus. TEP is a bridging programme designed to provide a pathway to a campus, work placement or approved educational option. TEP engagement is 1-1 and where suitable in small groups supported by a skilled Youth Engagement Worker. The TEP "bridge" is 10-15  weeks in length. 


TEP has four key elements:

1. Strategic Relationship Building - quality time a mentor spends with a student in order to  build a relationship that facilitates re-engagement, personal growth and change.

2. Personal Recovery and Community Building - Assisting students to acknowledge and resolve negativity in their lives. TEP PRCB focuses on the Personal Recovery resources of Keeping Safe and Committing to Change.

3. Good Deeds - Acts done in service of the community.

4. Educational Preparation - EdPrep is teaching our students the basics of classroom etiquette and expectations. 


TEP numbers are limited.



Alta-1 Great Southern Staff

Middle Campus

Teachers: Kate Palmer-Boxall, Paul Eaton, Kier Perryman

Chaplain: Mark Kelder

Education Assistants: Abby Small, Bianca Collins, Danielle Halsall


Senior Campus

Teacher: Kier Perryman

Chaplain: Melanie Johnson

Education Assistants: Kieran Carson, Rebecca Trigg, Sam Pitman, Bronwyn Micke


Targeted Engagement Programme -TEP
Youth Engagement Workers: Joseph Pitanivik, Kathryn Davis and Kev Van Buerle



Teachers: Corinne Thompson, Hazel O'Neill. Lisa Henderson, Fiona Richards

Chaplains: Kevin Van Buerle, Joel Baty, Sue Patterson, Chris Mills, Pauline George, Asha Macomich, Belle Grant


Marine VET

Teacher: Craig Bottomley

Chaplain: Katie Mills


Therapeutic Team

Lead School Chaplain: Joel Baty

School Psychologist: Katrina Rogozinski 

School Counsellor: Natalie Hotchkin


Learning Support Team

Teacher: Jenelle Palli

LSEA: Silke Fischer-Malpass


Regional Administration

Lisa Harvey

Ruth Pitman

Albany Middle School

Cnr Mercer Rd and Talyuberlup Way

Lange, Albany WA 6330


Postal Address
Unit 1 / 57 Lockyer Avenue

Albany WA 6330

Albany Senior Campus

Oceans Church

85 Brewster Road, Albany WA 6330



Albany Regional Administration


Unit 1 / 57 Lockyer Avenue

Albany WA 6330


Ph. 9403 8233

Campus Locations

Phone +61 8 9403 8200

Fax +61 8 9403 8299


Office Address

Unit 1/ 7 Prindiville Drive

Wangara WA 6065

Connect Ed Administration
4a / 14 Uppill Place
Wangara WA 6065

Postal Address
P.O. Box 2104

Wangara WA 6947