In 2002 Alta-1 was established as a not-for-profit organisation. The organisation began by delivering an Alternative Education Program that offered education, support and training to young people who were at risk of not making a successful transition through high school. Additional to the education and training was the creation a therapeutic model and course aimed at addressing the needs of young people with high-risk behaviours whilst providing education.




Educational Licence

In 2006 Alta-1 gained registration to operate a multi-sited senior school, with curriculum endorsed by the Curriculum Council of Western Australia that is currently being delivered to over 650 students in WA. The Alta-1 Alternative Education Program is designed to meet the complex needs of high-risk young people and has a proven track record in successfully engaging with participants.


Alta-1 not only provides the practical components to this level of care, but has also implemented a Personal Recovery and Community Building course that is designed to re-engage the young people back into learning, self-reflection and community involvement. This course has also been approved by the Curriculum Council of WA allowing participants to gain credits toward the Western Australian Certificate of Education.


The educational process is heavily dependent on relationship building and requires a unique skill set of its staff.


All educational staff have significant youth/social work experience and are also registered with the Western Australian College of Education.


The Alta-1 curriculum enables a student to address personal issues that are impeding their educational and vocational development and is built around the socio-emotional continua including literacy, numeracy, personal development, beliefs and values (religion in life), vocational experience as well as site related subjects.



Supporting Agencies

Alta-1 works in collaboration with the following agencies;


  • Department of Education and Training
  • Department for Child Protection
  • Polytechnic West
  • CAMHS (Child Adolescent Mental Health Service)

Foundation on Social Justice

A significant need was identified to provide education to those who were marginalised from society that was linked to enterprise and under the support of a local church.  A strong desire for social justice laid the foundation for Alta-1 and a trial commenced of an education program out of a private school in Perth, Western Australia.


This program saw the partnership formed between the school and a local church in Landsdale.  This local church who hosted the first educational site between 2002 and 2006, the trial proved to be significantly successful.


The contribution of the church in providing a supportive social/supportive environment saw an expansion of the program to the point that over 50 students were engaged in the educational program.



Mission & Values

Alta-1 is guided by its mission statement and is committed to the values that will optimise its organisational outcomes.


Transforming communities through justice, knowledge, recovery, and hope

Alta-1 Mission Statement



Alta-1 is committed to working collaboratively inside and outside the organisation in order for its objectives to be reached.


Social justice

Alta-1 primary focus is the well-being of young people and will strive to ensure that the call of the poor and needy is met with workable solutions.



Alta-1 in all its functions attempts to provide young people the opportunity to stand on their own ultimately contributing back to the community that has assisted them. 



Alta-1 is committed to providing its clients and staff with the greatest level of safety possible within its resources.



Alta-1 is committed to the recovery and personal transformation of young people, empowering and equipping them to find hope, learn, change and positively contribute to the world around them.

Campus Locations

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Office Address

Unit 1/ 7 Prindiville Drive

Wangara WA 6065

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Postal Address
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